Monday, 27 July 2009

Download Corner

Excel File
  1. Mobile Service Provider Plan - Compilation of Malaysia mobile service provider with auto-calculation. Just key in your usage and the file will estimate your bill across all provider (Filesize : 63KB)
  2. Car Fuel Consumption List - Listing by The list consists of all petrol car fuel consumption based on their test. (Filesize : 420KB)
  3. Budget Calculator (My Own) - My personal budget file. I have been using this file for more than 1 year. It has tracking for monthly and daily and easily modified to suit different spending categories. (Filesize : 48KB)
E-Book (English)
  1. Debt Free Lifestyle - Want to free yourself for debt? Download this e-book on ideas of how you can settle your debt strategically. (Filesize : 254KB)
  2. 7 Effective Ways to Control Your Debt - Another e-book on how to plan towards clearing your debt forever. (Filesize : 91KB)
E-Book (Bahasa Malaysia)
  1. Petua Pengurusan Kewangan - It explains tips of money management and ideas on how to save money (Filesize : 356KB)
  2. Pakej 25 Ebook Percuma - A full compilation of 25 free e-book on how to start up business online from making blog, driving traffic and start to make money. (Filesize : 38.1MB)
  3. 20 Cara Jimat Wang - E-book from Code7 on 20 ways how to can save more money by taking control your daily lifestyle. (Filesize : 2,099KB)