Saturday, 6 November 2010

Player vs Spectator

It was a hot Saturday afternoon. Rains just stop pouring since the last 1 hour and the heat from the ground is uncomfortably stuffy. I was hiding from the sun in the air condition of Plaza Angsana in Johor Bahru accompanied by some friends. We were there to extend our support to our friends who join the duet singing contest there.

I saw the look of my friends. Mizi, the ever confident alpha male look amazingly stylist and ready to rock the stage. Ejoy, his duo, look pale and can hardly catch his breath. This is his first time on stage and nervousness gets the best of him. I was trying to lift his motivation up by giving some comforting words. A few minutes later, there it were, the chairperson called up their name. It is their time to perform.

While watching my friend getting ready on stage, I looked around. Not very crowded today, but some shoppers do tend to stop by to watch the competition. Some have an empty gaze, no emotion attached to the event at all. Some look cheerful and cannot wait to hear the melodious song the contestant about to perform. Some show disgust look as if the one on stage are not suppose to be there, maybe they felt they can do better on stage. A handful just leering with a judgmental look, complaining every single moves on stage through their look.

My friends started to sing. Some note is perfectly delivered. Some tend to be pitchy due to the nervous feeling. Some words skipped in the verse. But mostly a great performance. The crowd clapped, once they finished their performance. My friends got down from the stage, feeling relieve. We relaxed ourselves, calm down, feeling satisfied with the almost perfect performance and later, were welcomed by a great news that my friends successfully proceed to the next round of the competition.

Maybe such event is something that we all experienced in our life. Our life packed with activities that caught our breath, butterfly in our stomach, nervous, worried of being judge, worried of making mistake in public. These agonizing feeling of being judge by others and feeling embarrassed tend to make most of us to take the simplest step, which is to run for it.

A lot of the crowd prefer to be spectator. We like to judge those at the center stage, we like to comment every single thing up to their choice of shoe color. We think they wear their hair wrongly, we thing that is not their best choice of cloths, we think they talk or sing wrongly. But yet, no matter how much we love to complain, we do not want to take up the center stage ourselves. We like to watch and comment, but we do not want to be the player.

It takes courage, strength, skill, hard work, sacrifice and a lot of embarrassing moment, to be a great player. It takes a lot for someone to stand on the stage to sing in a competition. It takes courage for someone to stand in front of the crowd and talks. I takes strength to do what you believe is right while others are giving your bad judgments, bad advice and telling you that you are wasting your time. Because of this, there are not many players out there but there are millions of spectators.

To change our lives and achieve a steady financial life, it is just the same. Are you a player that willing to do what others not willing to do, so that you can achieve financial freedom? Or are you a spectator who do not want to take risk, but like to sit and watch while other climb their success ladder? Ask yourself this question because only you know the answer. Are you a player or are you a spectator? Are you willing to give yourself chance to success, or you like to watch other people make the first move?

For those player out there, let’s move now. Let’s build our success story now. Let’s act now and let the spectator just be a spectator. If you want to be a player, go to QuestNet and see if you are my kind of player.

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We think they wear their hair wrongly, we thing that is not their best choice of cloths, we think they talk or sing wrongly.

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