Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Casual Working Attire

We are nearing hot season here in Malaysia. Personally I just prefer to take off my shirt and just go bare under the humid hot wind. However, I considered myself lucky to work in my workplace which have casual dress code which allowed me to flaunt my not-so-expensive casual wear at work.

I prefer to wear round neck t-shirt to work or collared t-shirt. It gave me the sense of informality even though I am going through a hectic work time. Cotton is mostly the fabric that I wore, but sometimes a mixture of spandex or modal would also be breezy in the summer weather. Microfiber is my favorite but I would seldom use such material at work since it is kinda very sexy for the sight.

Here in Malaysia, it is a typical sight to have a very hot day in the morning, then pouring rainy evening. For those not-so-hot weather, packing a thin cotton jacket is also can be comfortable.
For today, I am packing myself in a collared turquoise t-shirt tuck into dark blue washed denim jeans. Buckled with dark Levi’s belt paired with dark brown off-road boots. The boots might not be the perfect choice but since I just love boots, no harm in mix and match, right.

Here some model shoot of casual attire that I think looks very smart on average guy like me.

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