Saturday, 1 August 2009

General Info : Base Lending Rate

What is "Base Lending Rate" or (B.L.R)? For those who have experience with banking institutions especially during application of loan, you might be familiar with B.L.R. Reference to Malaysia Banking Info site, B.L.R is "A minimum interest rate calculated by banking institutions based on a formula which takes into account the institutions' cost of funds and other administrative costs". Each bank might have their own B.L.R based on their cost of funds but normally the number is not that different between each banking institution.

Below is the compilation of B.L.R for banking institution in Malaysia as for current date:

Updated : 1 August 2009

Banking Institution B.L.R (% p.a.)
Affin Bank Berhad 5.50
Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad 5.55
AmBank (M) Berhad 5.55
Bangkok Bank Berhad 5.55
Bank of America Malaysia Berhad 5.55
Bank of China (Malaysia) Berhad 5.55
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Malaysia) Berhad 5.25
CIMB Bank Berhad 5.55
Citibank Berhad 5.60
Deutsche Bank (Malaysia) Berhad 5.55
EON Bank Berhad 5.55
Hong Leong Bank Berhad 5.55
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad 5.55
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad 5.25
Malayan Banking Berhad 5.55
OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad 5.55
Public Bank Berhad 5.55
RHB Bank Berhad 5.55
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad 5.55
The Bank of Nova Scotia Berhad 5.55
The Royal Bank of Scotland Berhad 5.25
United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad 5.55

B.L.R will changed by time, so do take close note for those services that based on B.L.R because it can help you to understand the interest that you need to pay if the B.L.R swings its rate.

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