Monday, 10 August 2009

Sales : E-Book Evolusi Jutawan

I received a newsletter circulation this morning promoting new E-Book called "Evolusi Jutawan" or Millionaire Evolution. The e-book was highlighted to have details explanation of the how a millionaire thinks and their lifestyle. Apparently millionaire do not think how we normally thought they did, because if millionaire just know how to spend money, they will not be where they are right now, right?

Anyway, the e-book will detail out below points :

  1. The actual mindset of millionaire
  2. Negative attitude that should be avoided by millionaire
  3. Attitude that millionaire should swear by
  4. The best millionaire's money management
I have not purchase the e-book myself, so I cannot review or comment much on it. However, the publisher of this e-book also released the e-book "Millionaire Practice" before which I found very good information.

If you are interested, the e-book is only RM45 which you can get it here. As per all purchases, please read carefully, and do not simply take my word or anybody words for it. Think and decide yourself before you commit on any purchase. Happy learning!

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