Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tame My Budget 5 : Promotions and Great Offers

I watched Oprah show yesterday that discussed over some money savings tips. One of the discussions is when a housewife demonstrated how she could save almost 80% through shopping for groceries.

Her tips that I managed to jot down are:

  1. Spend time to list down all the things that you NEED to buy.
  2. Buy local newspaper and look out for FREE vouchers and coupon.
  3. Browse online for coupon and voucher that you can print
  4. Understand the sales or promotion dates for your local department stores
  5. Avoid shopping at convenient store

She also demonstrated how she make use of the store’s discount coupled with free voucher and coupon from local newspaper or online for get the best out of the offer. She has been doing this for the last 15 years with total savings of $17,000 through budget shopping alone. Cool.

I am sure Malaysia also has good deal on promotions, free coupon and voucher. Let me look around for our local deal and will update here at Money Matter.

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